About Us

World Culture Organisation (WCO) established in 2017. WCO produces all 100% handmade heritage arts. These include traditional wau, cultural diorama, dough figurine, wooden traditional house and painting. Currently the gallery with a size area of more than 8,000 square feets reflecting cultures of Malaysia and China . Many people keep wondering how WCO can produce such a huge collection in only 4 years.

Mr Foo Loke Kee, an accountant with more than 20 years of experience and owns an accounting firm in Malaysia. His passion for chinese culture develop since he was young.

In 2011, he went to Yanjiao, Hebei for 3 years to setup a centre to produce his Chinese miniature diorama and spent 1 ½ years in Taiwan to further understand Chinese calligraphy and chinese painting.

Finally he decided to come back to Malaysia and setup an art and cultural centre in Batu 9, Cheras called “WCO Art & Culture Gallery” in June 2015.

This is where he starts to produce and develop his first Malaysia cultural art. All his artworks will be described in details later.

In December 2015, he formed the Huaxia (Malaysia) Art & Cultural Development Association and finally established WCO (World Culture Organisation) in 2017.



Create a World Culture platform for each country to showcase their art and culture.


Identify and motivate the artisans to continue pursuing their heritage arts.



June 2011

Setup factory in Yanjiao, Hebei to develop Chinese culture diorama

April 2015

Develop Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings in Taiwan

June 2015

Establish Malaysia cultural center in Batu 9, Cheras & develop Malaysia cultural diorama

December 2015

Establish Huaxia (M) Art & Cultural Development Association

September 2016

Develop Malaysia Wau

August 2016

Develop Chinese paintings in Malaysia

June 2017

Develop dough figurine in Malaysia

January 2018

Develop Malaysia traditional wood house

October 2018

Develop Malaysia and China ethnics in figurine and painting

January 2019

Develop Chinese painting animation

July 2019

Visit pekalongan, Indonesia for batik indigo (natural dye)

August 2019

Develop batik painting